About Us
We are known worldwide as the premier systems innovator in Steam Flaking Technologies. With over 40 years experience in our field, Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the most respected names in the Process Equipment Industry serving the Cattle Feeding, Oil Seed, Cereals, Livestock Feed, Grain, Seed and Size Reduction industries. Best known for our complete systems solutions, Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing builds systems from products offered by other prominent Grain and Seed equipment manufacturers along with our own Flo-More equipment designs enabling us to offer systems solutions to the industry.
 Our team of professionals contribute greatly to our innovative products and systems solutions, offering a friendly experience for your unique and individual needs. 

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc. finds its roots with that of the  A. T. Ferrell Company of Bluffton, Indiana, founded in 1869 and the Ross Machine Company of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1939. 
  • David Ibach purchased the assets of the  A. T. Ferrell  Company’s  Ferrell-Ross Amarillo Roll Service operation in 2003 and named it Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc. Within a year the company purchased the facilities and key assets of the former Porch Brothers Manufacturing of Hereford, Texas, a designer and builder of complete Cattle Feeding Systems and then relocated its Service and Roll business to Hereford, Texas.
  • In 2011 Ibach purchased the Flaking Mill Patents and Roll Service business from Panhandle Machine and incorporated their products to our offerings.
  • In 2014 Ibach purchased Gearn, Inc. another Flaking and Roller Mill Systems provider best know for the Modular Mill System. Gearn Systems are now available with Gearn, Ferrell-Ross or PMS flakers.
  • Today, Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing builds rolls for Flaking, Cracking and Grinding for feed, food, vegetable oil, cereal production and industrial applications. We manufacture the Flo-More line of Steam Chests, Rotary Grain Cleaners and Scalpers, Heavy Duty Bucket Elevators, Drag and Screw Conveyors as well as Custom Fabrications.
We employ about 100 Service Technicians, Millwrights, Fabricators, Welders, Machinists, Engineers and Drafters plus an experienced Sales and Administrative staff in Hereford, Texas, the Beef Capitol of the world.
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